Karen Miller Driftwood Art

You don’t have to live by the seaside in order to have a little bit of the coast in your home.

Hi I’m Karen Miller, founder of devondriftwooddesigns.com and reclineradvice.com

For over a decade, I’ve been developing and producing Driftwood Art.

I find that I am as enthralled by the driftwood I use now as I was all those years ago, which is why my work is so versatile on so many levels.

Every year, something fresh and exceptional is created and installed in a vacant alcove or basic hotel foyer.

I am fortunate to have a committed team of people all around the world who collect the finest Driftwood for my ‘Designed By’ collection as well as commissioned works, providing quality of form and color to each work.

Since opening my Gallery, in my home town of Devon, England, in 2008, I’ve been gathering and adding things to my collection that go well with and enhance the work I do.

You can peruse at leisure, but don’t be bashful. If you have any questions or a concept for anything you’d want to create, please do not hesitate to contact us.