Driftwood Tables

These driftwood tables are both attractive and elegant, not simply as pieces of furniture but also in terms of their overall craftsmanship.

The whole thing is then kiln dried once the right driftwood is put and bolted together, making it as hard as possible. It’s rebolted to make sure there’s no movement room before it’s perfectly leveled to ensure that the glass sits comfortably on top.

Each table is built in this manner, even if it’s a small or huge one. Safety glass of 10mm thickness provides you the chance to look into the wood while eating.

These are really exceptional works that may be personalized to your needs, which will of course require ample time to plan.

Please be aware that I am willing to provide photographs of tables that are accessible, but please ensure that the table will fit through your door, window, or hallway with the measurements on the website. I will send you a disclaimer to sign as soon as you have placed your order since I cannot be held responsible if the table does not fit since it is a non-refundable item.